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Dental Microscope DE-414

Dental Microscope DE-414

DE-414 adopt high resolution and fine definition optical system, and depth of field is better, LED cold light source, continual brightness adjustment, manual drum zoom, smart, flexible, movement easy, application for dental surgery, stomatology and ENT and so on.
  • Characteristics:

    *Redesigned optical system, more perfect depth of field and visual effect.

    *Built-in small light spot illumination, with blue filter.

    *Three changer light spot.

    *New framework, smart, beautiful and movement flexible.

    *Brightness is adjusted continually.



    magnification 12.5x, pupil distance adjustable range 55mm~75mm, diopter adjustment range +6D ~ -6D.

    Binocular tube

    high brightness 90°straight binocular tube,


    manual 3-step changer, ratio 0.6,1.0, 1.6 , total magnification 3.75x,  6.25x,10x,


    LED cold light,strong light,longer lifetime,brightness adjustable infinitely,

    illumination diameter of light spot Φ70mm, illumination intensity≥ 60000lux, field of viewΦ53mm,Φ32mm,Φ20mm build-in small-spot,blue light filter.


    F250mm(175mm,200mm,250mm,300mm,350mm,400mm etc )


    Route range  + -15mm.

    Rotating head for all direction

    Operate by two handles,free and easy to operate

    Maximum length of arm


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