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Implant Machine DE-214

Implant Machine DE-214


Control Unit with Coolant Pump
Model Eilte(V-IM) Implantology System
Supply Voltage AC 110V / 220V
Frequency 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 48VA
Maximum Output of the Pump 120 mL/min.
Dimension L290mm×W240mm×H114mm
Weight 2.6Kg
Motor Rotation Speed Range 1,000-40,000rpm
Torque Range 10-60N.cm
Dimension ø24 x L116 mm
Weight 240g (Include the cable.)
  • Brief Introduction:

    Elite Implantology System/Physio Dispenser Implant Motor is intended for use in dental, oral surgical and surgical procedures.

    Product Advantages:

    1.Intuitive LCD display and control panel bring convenience to the operation;
    2.Original imported brushless motor is characterized by Big Torque, Low Noise,Non-vibrations as well as High Precision;
    3.Alternative input supply voltage: AC110V or AC220V;
    4.Multifunctional foot control is not only handy to operate but also against cross-infection caused by the contact between hands and the device;
    5.Adjustable rotation speed, torque, coolant flow and forward/reverse, which can meet various demands during implantology procedures;
    6.10 types of reduction contra angle handpiece are able to be selected in order to meet various clinical demands;
    7.10 kinds of program settings. Each of which allows setting up different values of rotation speed, torque, coolant flow, forward/ reverse and reduction ratio.

    Operation Conditions:

    The system functions normally in the environment where:
    The Ambient Temperature: 0-40℃ (32-104°F),
    Relative Humidity Range: 10-85% RH,
    Atmospheric Pressure: 500-1060hPa,
    And no moisture condensation in the Control Unit, use at outside of these limits may cause malfunction.

    Storage and Shipping Conditions:

    Store the implantology system in the place where: The Ambient Temperature: 0-60℃ (14-140°F)
    Relative Humidity Range: 10-85% RH
    Atmospheric Pressure: 500-1060hPa
    And the system is not subject to air with dust, sulfur, or salinity.

    ① Control Unit 1pc ⑤ Motor Handle with Cable 1pc
    ② Foot Control 1pc ⑥ Motor Handle Base 1pc
    ③ Power Cord 1pc ⑦ Bottle Hanger Post 1pc
    ④ Contra Angle Handpiece 1pc ⑧ Irrigation Tube 10packs

    Elite Implantology System is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of purchase.
    The accessories are guaranteed for 6 months.

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